Skincare is one of the fastest-growing industries; from salons to spas to medspas, there is a high demand for talented estheticians.

How Long Does Esthetician School Last?

The period in esthetician school can differ, however if the student commits to a full-time program, they can become a licensed esthetician in around 4 to 6 months. If the student has other commitments such as a job, then they might take around 9 months to a year to complete esthetician school.

In esthetician school, students will learn about the skin as well as the techniques for treating it such as hair removal, facials, body masks and many more. The program in esthetician school is meant to get the students ready for a career at a salon or a spa.

In summary, it is up to student himself or herself to spend a suitable period of time learning at esthetician school based on how much time and focus they put into the program and how quickly they can absorb the information given to them.

Becoming a Laser Technician

There are many students who see more value in becoming laser technicians at esthetician school. It is important to know that as a laser technician, the person will be tasked with performing cosmetic skin treatment ranging from Photofacials to hair removal and cool sculpting. Being both a laser technician and esthetician is an added value and will make the person a hirable candidate.

Before making the decision of becoming a laser technician, the person needs to think about the job they want to perform. For example, if the person enjoys doing of couple of tasks and does them pretty well, then an esthetician job is the perfect match. It is all up to the student to choose where they find themselves more confident and comfortable.

Additional Information

It is important for the students to know that being an esthetician as well as a laser technician will open more opportunities in the workplace. The student needs to know what they want to pursue and take that decision accordingly. There are many opportunities in both fields and it all comes down to the student’s preferences and confidence in the job they are performing.

Why Choose Us?

At Avante Laser Training Institute, our priority is our students! That is why we have built our training programs, scheduled classroom and online training modules at the convenience of our students and their learning pace. Our small class size philosophy helps us make sure our students get the one-on-one attention they deserve while being tutored by the experts who have many years of experience in the field.

Not only do we provide the most comprehensive aesthetics education in The Woodlands, Greater Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen, Laredo, Austin, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans but we also make sure that any student who attends our class has the opportunity to learn and grow; as we are aware that life can be busy and schedules can be tight.

As each of our courses is self-contained and entirely independent, we offer our students the opportunity to select the courses they need, attend them when they can; schedule in-person training sessions and complete their courses on their own terms.

Many of our general courses are oriented towards medical aestheticians, health and beauty enthusiasts and cosmetologists who understand the need for education in laser treatments such as IPL photofacials, laser hair removal and cellulite reduction but might not know how to get certified. With courses tailored to people of all backgrounds and educational levels, we, Avante Laser Training Institute, The Woodlands, can provide a full introduction into this fast-growing and multi-billionaire industry.

Ready to Widen Your Horizon?

Join Avante Laser Training Institute and get the ability to join this multi-billionaire aesthetic industry at your own pace. Avante Laser Training Institute, The Woodlands, offers training courses for both newcomers and medical aestheticians who are looking for a change or advancement in their careers.

The aesthetic industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year and its demand for skilled professionals is growing. Be one of them!

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