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IPL  Therapy

Intense Pulse Light for Photofacial and Skin Tightening (8 HOURS)

In this comprehensive eight-hour seminar, Avante Laser Institute instructors teach students how to perform photo rejuvenation and skin tightening treatments using the latest intense pulse light therapy techniques. This powerful treatment is one of the most popular ways to improve skin color and texture without surgery. As the course progresses, students will learn IPL theory, treatment methods, and safety guidelines and see first-hand how IPL can erase the signs of sun damage. As one of the leading treatments in the cosmetic laser industry, this is a must-have service for any MediSpa.

FAQs Regarding IPL Therapy

Receiving intense pulsed light (IPL) laser training is a top priority in the field of medical aesthetics. Pay close attention to this FAQ, as it may help you answer queries posed by your own clients one day.

How does pulsed light technology work?

Powerful pulsed light is applied over the treatment area in a series of gentle pulsing bursts. The light penetrates the sub-dermal layers, where it is absorbed by the blood vessels or pigmentation without damaging the skin. The heat provided by the pulse ultimately impairs the blood vessel or legion, allowing the body to initiate its natural healing processes.

Marry An Urban
Marry An Urban

Is Intense Pulse Light therapy safe?

IPL therapy occurs with specific parameters to ensure that the pulses are gentle yet effective. The pulses themselves are also uniquely shaped, allowing the heat they provide to impact the intended targets, resulting in minimal skin damage or discomfort during treatment. Clinical trials conducted by leading authorities on pulsed light have fully backed up the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.

Does Intense Pulse Light therapy cause pain or discomfort?

Most people describe the feeling of an IPL burst as akin to a rubber band snapping on the skin. The vast majority of patients at the Avante MediSpa require no anesthesia, though some more sensitive areas will call for topical anesthetic. All in all, it is considered one of the least invasive and least painful forms of anti-aging therapy.

What should clients expect during treatment?

Photorejuvenation treatments using intense pulse light usually take around 15 to 30 minutes. The technician providing the treatment will first clean the area and then apply a cool gel. At this point, the light pulse can be delivered with maximum effectiveness. Once the therapy is finished, the gel is removed, and the skin is cleaned once again. Clients should require zero recovery time and are free to go about their day as normal. Side effects are extremely rare. In most cases, the skin may appear slightly flushed, or pigmented spots / capillaries may be temporarily darker. For best results, clients are asked to reduce their sun exposure while treatment is ongoing.

How many Intense Pulse Light treatments are necessary to see results?

IPL treatment generally involves about five sessions. At Avante MediSpa, we generally do our treatments once per month. After the series is completed, clients will typically be asked to return every six months for a maintenance therapy session.
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What to Expect

Laser Hair Removal
Theory & Practicum

On top of providing the latest in medical aesthetic instruction, Avante Laser Training Institute is recognized by the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration as a certification training enterprise for Laser Hair Removal candidates. The State of Texas introduced new guidelines in 2010 which require each Laser Hair Removal provider to comply with the conditions of Texas Administrative Code 289.302.

This directive creates requirements for radiation safeness in the uTo achieve a State of Texas Laser Hair Removal Technician Certification, students are required to finish a two-part laser training course. The first section consists of 40 hours of classroom training in which participants will receive theoretical knowledge. The second part, or practicum, consists of hands-on training. Here, students are required to complete at least 100 supervised laser hair removal of lasers and pulsed light devices for hair removal treatments. Pointedly in Section 289.302 (i-j), the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration mandates qualification for all individuals using a laser hair removal device in Texas.

If you’re looking to become a Laser Hair removal specialist, your first stop should be Avante Laser Training Institute.

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