Laser Tattoo Removal
Training Course (8 Hours)

Tattoo removal is one of the fastest-growing treatments in the cosmetic laser industry, and Avante Laser Training Institute is happy to be at the forefront of educating the next wave of specialists. Through our course, students will learn the theory and techniques associated with using a Q-Switched laser for tattoo removal, receiving detailed information on Q-Switched photoacoustic theory, hands-on treatments, and safety guidelines.

This course is perfect for those students with a medical background as well as those who simply want to gain a foothold in this exciting, fast-moving niche. Courses are taught by experienced professionals and are specifically designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to start administering tattoo removal services right away. Trust us, “tattoo regret” is real, and millions of Americans are looking into ways that they can hit the “do-over” button on their body art. This is a big opportunity for those with the right training and the right initiative.
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What to Expect

The Laser Tattoo Removal Course

Avante Laser Training Institute’s tattoo course is an eight-hour seminar, beginning with extensive classroom education. We are committed to training individuals all over Texas, not just at our center in The Woodlands.

During this first portion of the class, you will learn the fundamentals of laser tattoo removal, including various techniques, the theories behind the removal process, and both pre and post-treatment care. We’ll also go into great detail regarding the specific equipment used in the process, most notably the Q-switched lasers. Other topics of note will include laser physics, tissue interaction, proper wavelengths for tattoo removal, safety standards, and potential side effects.

ALTI requires that all students specializing in laser tattoo removal participate in clinicals, which can be scheduled at the participant's discretion. Of course, we strive to make safety our number one priority and will ensure that all clinicals are conducted under close supervision only after sufficient classroom training has been completed.

Why Specialize in Laser
Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after services in the world of health and beauty. Many people who get tattoos in their youth end up regretting them, while others simply want to clear their skin of the old in favor of a new design! Either way, the process continues to grow in popularity, representing a huge financial opportunity for certified technicians.

Laser tattoo removal is a multi-session service, which means that it requires a series of treatments before the final effect is achieved. Though the average session only takes about five minutes, they can still cost between $50 and $200. With an average of 8-12 sessions needed to completely remove the ink from the skin, it’s easy to see how this procedure can be extremely lucrative.
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Persuing a Career as a Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist?

Though laser tattoo removal remains a relatively new procedure, it is one of the most exciting medical aesthetic careers one can consider. Once you have your tattoo removal certification, you can easily get a job providing the service at medical spas, dermatologist offices, and specialty salons. In fact, many of our ALTI graduates have gone on to set up their own businesses, providing laser tattoo removal on demand. Either way, there is no denying the potential in mastering this exciting new procedure.
Avante Laser Institute

Laser Tattoo Removal Training

Here at Avante Laser Training Institute, we are passionate about showing people from a wide range of backgrounds how they can change their lives with a career in laser cosmetics. Enrolling in our comprehensive laser tattoo removal program is not only a great way to join this exciting field, but it can put you on the direct path to a profitable position at a medical spa or dermatologist's office.

Through our courses, you'll learn everything you need to know to provide your clients with the most advanced and in-demand procedures - all while getting plenty of hands-on experience with our state-of-the-art equipment. Best of all, our online courses can put ALTI's wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips, whether you're local to The Woodlands and Greater Houston or are based anywhere else in Texas.
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Here at the Avante Laser Training Institute, we've gone to great lengths toprovide people from all backgrounds and all locations access to our career changing classes. And since we're well aware of how difficult juggling life and education can be, we've intentionally built our entire training program around you - the student.
It all starts with our online training modules, which you can complete from home at your own pace. Afterward, you can sign up for in-person training sessions wheneveryou want them. This gives you the one-on-one attention you deserve with an experienced pro, without the large classes or interruptions in your schedule.

Join the Avante Laser Training Institute and get the training you need to join the multi-billion-dollar aesthetic industry. Whether you're a newcomer or a medical professional looking to diversify your offerings, ALTI has courses specially designed for you.

If you're looking to change your career to something more profitable, more exciting, or more flexible, an education from ALTI is your first step to success. As the premier aesthetics training institute in the Southwest US, we are ready to welcome you to our family of students, educators, and medical professionals.

Whether you're in The Woodlands, Houston, or beyond, our team is standing by to help you change your career, your life, and the lives of others. To find out how to get started, please fill out the no-obligation request for information form

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