Avante Laser Training Institute is committed to helping Texas residents achieve their dreams of becoming professional medical spa technicians, regardless of background, education level, or income. Third-party financing is available to qualified students. Call a helpful Avante representative today to learn more.

  • We are fully approved to accept G.I. Bill benefits for our Laser Hair Removal Theory courses.
  • Our program is available to anyone 18 years of age or older who has earned their high school diploma, GED, or college transcript.
  • Avante Laser Training Institute has been approved by the Department of Defense to offer its training programs to military spouses in the Alportal-MyCAA program. Our comprehensive laser training course has also been fully approved by the Texas Veterans Commission, and our laser hair removal professional exam is completely certified by the State of Texas.

Increase your earning potential and maximize your employability today. Avante Laser Training Institute is your key to a great career in the aesthetics industry! Master skin rejuvenation, age reversal, and other in-demand cosmetic treatments with quick, comprehensive courses designed to get you into the job market as soon as possible.

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