Date: June 26, 2023
Time: 9-4pm

Course Description:

Intro to PDO Thread Lift Course is a comprehensive, hands-on training program that equips medical professionals to integrate thread face lifting into their practice. The course is designed to guide you through specific protocols associated with proper placement into fascial tissues and selecting various sizes and dimensions of sutures.

What are PDO Threads?

PDO stands for polydioxanone, which is a suture like surgical stitch. These threads stimulate collagen synthesis and lift and tighten sagging skin by direct physical and biological means. They are absorbable in 4-6 months but with proper placement and quantity of threads and proper maintenance will hold for an additional 8-12 months.

Who can attend:

The course is open to licensed practitioners such as physicians, nurses, and dentists who may now offer their patients a safe, effective alternative to surgery.

Level I $2600
Level II $3200

Skills Acquired:

After Course Completion Level I training: Collagen Induction Therapies with Smooth & Twist PDO’s to tighten and thicken the skin and address textural conditions: Improving Acne scars and stretch marks. Non Surgical Nose correction with Twist threads, Crows feet, Laugh lines, Glabella Frown lines, Submental Tightening, Lip Flip Technique.

Level II training, practitioners can offer in addition to all level I procedures the following: Midface Lift, Neck Lift, Jawline Contouring, Eyebrow lift and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty,

Course Content:

The course is divided into two sections based on the category of Aesthetic Threads - Smooth/ Twist Threads and Lifting Threads. Level 1 covers Smooth Thread Training, and Level 2 covers Lifting Thread Training. You are provided course workbook with instructional material. First 45 minutes covers didactic and the remaining course day is a combination of hands-on and observation.
Trainers: Nationally recognized instructor, Shanna Concepcion, RN CANS is a specialty guest instructor for this course. Renowned in the aesthetic community, Jill Campbell, FNP CANS will co-Instruct for this course. They have a combined 20+ years of experience with injectables.

Financial Benefits:

The average fee for a thread procedure starts at a minimum of $400, and practitioners can charge upwards of $3,500 depending on the areas and complexity of the case.

Educational Objectives:

The course is designed to help you practice and perform PDO Thread Lift procedures competently, safely, and effectively, apply generally accepted protocols for the placement of PDO sutures, identify the mechanism of action of PDO sutures, assess who is a candidate for the PDO Thread Lift procedure, and receive training in the anatomy covering the entry points, anchoring points, and relevant structures for the injection technique.

Additional Features of PDO Threads: These include no incision needed, a safe procedure requiring less than an hour, a small amount of local anesthesia needed, quick recovery time, immediate results to face, neck, and body areas, and excellent results up to 16 months.

Certification of Completion: This thread lift training program is comprehensive, combining both detailed didactic presentations with thorough hands-on training. During the training, each practitioner is supervised for approximately 45 minutes while they work on a patient.

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