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4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Licensed Medical Aesthetician

A medical aesthetician is a certified, state-licensed skincare expert trained to provide a wide variety of treatments, including facials, waxes, wraps, and peels. They also use special laser technologies to provide hair removal, acne reduction, and wrinkle reduction services, as well as injectable treatments. At Avante Laser Institute in The Woodlands, Texas, we welcome medical students from all over the spectrum, ranging from cosmetologists to licensed medical professionals. Take if from us: if you’re looking to become a licensed medical aesthetician, all you need to do is follow these four simple steps.

1. Check the Local Requirements

Almost all states will require you to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to perform laser treatments. In fact, most states will require you to become an RN if you want to administer cosmetic injectables, Botox, and dermal fillers. It can all be a bit confusing. Fortunately, a little research goes a long way! That’s why your first step should be to evaluate your state’s specific requirements for medical aestheticians. Of course, Avante Laser Institute is more than happy to help you simplify this process. So, if you’re looking to operate in The Woodlands or Greater Houston, our admissions department can be an excellent resource.

2. Research Medical Esthetician Programs and Schools

Don’t just limit yourself to local schools and programs. In fact, we highly recommend you consider getting the best education you can now in order to maximize your employment opportunities later. To properly evaluate schools, ask yourself if they’re regulated by your state, if they offer hands-on training, and what sort of equipment you’ll have access to during your courses. In the end, you want to attend a well-established school with all the necessary certifications to get you licensed where you want to work.

3. Sign Up for a Program That Fits Your Needs

Once you decide on a school, you next need to figure out what sort of program is going to best suit your needs. Again, here at Avante Laser Institute, our admissions advisors are always on hand to help you with this decision. Whether you’re a cosmetologist looking to take your career to the next level or a medical professional who needs training in injectables, we have programs that will give you the precise information you need to get licensed in the shortest amount of time possible.

4. Get Your Certificate and Start Looking for Jobs

Obviously, the most important step of all is to attend classes, pay attention, and graduate from your course! Once you do so, you’ll be rewarded with a state-approved certificate and can immediately begin looking for jobs (or start your own freelance business). Just remember, the more hands-on experience you get in your course, the more employable you’ll be. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best school and most appropriate program available to you.

Enroll Today at Avante Laser institute

Avante Laser Institute is one of the most prominent medical Aesthetics training facilities in the Southwestern United States. Located in the Houston suburb of The Woodlands, our team of educators and experienced professionals works with students from all over the state, providing comprehending online training courses as well as in-person programs.

For over two decades, ALTI has helped medical professionals, cosmetologists, and students who are completely new to the field get the education they need to enter this exciting, fast-growing, and profitable industry. Best of all, we have the experience necessary to streamline Steps 1 – 4 and get you certified faster than ever before!

The Education You Need, On Your Terms

The Avante Laser Training Institute is not only the most comprehensive aesthetics training facility in Greater Houston, but we have gone to great lengths to ensure that any student who wants to attend our classes will have the opportunity. After all, life is busy, and schedules can sometimes take on a life of their own.

That’s why we’ve constructed all of our training programs around you - the student! That means online training modules that you can complete at your own pace and in-person training sessions that fit your schedule. Not only does this approach ensure you get access to experts with years of experience, but that you get the personal attention you need to make the most of the content!

Best of all? Each course is entirely self-contained, so you can sign up for the ones you need and expand your knowledge later if you want.

Enroll in the Avante Laser Training Institute and begin your career in the multi-billion dollar aesthetic industry. Whether you’re a newcomer looking for a change or a medical professional looking to enhance your practice, ALTI has everything you need to succeed.

As the premier aesthetics training institute in the Southwest US, we can’t wait to welcome you to our family of students, educators, and medical professionals. Whether you’re in The Woodlands, Houston, or beyond, our team is standing by to help you change your career, your life, and the lives of others!

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