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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Esthetician School?

Skincare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. From salons to spas to medspas of all types, there is a constant, increasing demand for talented estheticians. But how long does the training last? What sort of specializations are there? Is laser therapy the right way to go?

We are Avante Laser Institute, and we are one of the top Esthetician training facilities in Greater Houston, located in the scenic suburb of The Woodlands. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common questions regarding Esthetician training and provide you with detailed, informative answers.

How Long Does Esthetician School Last?

If you commit to a full-time program, you can become a licensed esthetician in just four to six months! If you have a job or other obligations, no worries! Many of our part-time students in The Woodlands end up getting their license in about nine months to a year. In the end, it really comes down to the amount of time and focus you can put into the program and how quickly you can absorb the information. Remember, you’ll not only be learning all about the skin, but also techniques related to hair removal, facials, body masks, and more. The goal of our program is to get you ready for a career at a salon or spa, and we leave no stone unturned in accomplishing that!

Is it Worth it to Become a Laser Technician as Well?

Many of our students see a lot of value in pursuing laser tech training while they are at esthetician school, but it’s up to you in the end. As a laser technician, you will be tasked with performing cosmetic skin treatment ranging from photo facials to hair removal to cool sculpting. And since you can also handle esthetician duties like waxing and microdermabrasion, you will be a pretty hirable candidate.

Before you make a decision, however, you should consider the type of worker you want to be. For instance, if you’re the type who only likes to do one or two things (and do them very well), you would be just as valuable to a spa as someone who can be more of a “jack of all trades.” At the end of the day, you can always consider doing a bit of everything! You’d be surprised how many of our students start off with an esthetician license and then take our laser technician course afterward. At Avante Laster Institute in The Woodlands, we’re all about increasing our students’ knowledge as wel as their employability.

If I Do Pursue Laser Tech Training, What Can I Expect?

At Avante Laster Institute, we strive to provide comprehensive laser technician training that keeps our students’ schedules and careers in mind. That is, we don’t want you to have to go back to school for another two to four years to get certified. Instead, we boil the program down into what you really need to know to get a job in this industry.

The goal is to have all of our clients leave feeling fully prepared to give great service to their clients and their employers. To appeal to more potential students, we offer in-person training, online training, and a hybrid course covering literally every aspect of techniques like laser hair removal and cool sculpting. Remember, we’re not only one of the top laser technician training programs in Greater Houston, but in the entire American Southwest!

What Will My Job Opportunities Be as a Tech vs. An Esthetician?

If you do go on to pursue laser technician training, you will broaden your employability quite a bit. For instance, you might get a specialized job at a medspa or tattoo shop as opposed to just a waxing center, salon, or regular spa. Of course, if you choose to master both parts of the skincare spectrum, the industry will be your oyster! To help you devide, we recommend you consider the type of environment you like to work in as well as the type of clientele you would prefer to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

One Thing Is For Sure: There Are Endless Opportunities

Here at Avante Laster Training Institute, we are passionate about introducing our students to the wonderful, opportunity-rich world of medical aesthetics. Our celebrated, state-approved laser program is the best way to jumpstart your career in this exciting industry. Regardless of whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced physician. you’ll learn everything you need to know to master some of the most in-demand procedures out there today.

The Avante Laser Training Institute is not only the premier aesthetics training facility in Greater Houston, but we are one of the first educational providers to take our training programs online! We make it easier than ever to sign up for convenient online training modules that you are free to complete at your own pace. Then, when the time comes for in-person training sessions, you can select the courses that best fit your schedule. We’re located in The Woodlands, but our online offerings allow us to easily certify people from all over Greater Houston, Austin, Dallas, and more!

  • Enjoy small class sizes with plenty of hands-on tutoring!
  • Learn from experts with years of experience in the field!
  • Choose from fully-self-contained courses that only cover what you need and want to know

Join the Avante Laser Training Institute and get the essential training to help you join the multi-billion dollar aesthetic industry! Whether you’re a newcomer looking to change careers or a medical professional looking to take your practice to the next level, we have courses uniquely designed to fit your needs and your schedule.

The laser hair removal industry generates billions of dollars each year, which creates an enormous demand for skilled professionals. You can be one of them! As the premier aesthetics training institute in the Southwest US, ALTI is ready to welcome you to our family of students, medical professionals, and educators. Whether you’re in The Woodlands, Houston, or beyond, our team is here to help you change your career and your life (as well as the lives of others)!

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