“Avante Laser Training Institute (ALTI) is a very reputable training organization in Houston offering a magnificent, Texas Department of Licensing and Registration certified, Laser hair removal course. This course consists of a 40 hour classroom theory session, plus a hands-on component requiring students to complete 100 laser hair removal treatments under the direction of a Senior Laser Hair Removal Technician or Certified Laser Hair Removal Professional (CLHRP). ALTI’s approach towards small teacher-to-student ratios and increased hands-on practice afford students a more personal experience than other competitors. With excellent education and attention to detail during training classes, ALTI can definitely be labeled as the frontrunner in the industry!”

-M. Wessels

“Needless to say we found local classes and seminars very nice and to sum it all up “a breath of fresh air”, compared to our experiences elsewhere. We highly recommend the training classes to anyone who wishes to have a meaningful grasp of professional laser education. As the Chief Medical Consultant of The L’Oreal of Paris Eastern Division, I have rarely come across Laser Instructors whose focus on training would be as captivating without sacrificing safety protocols. BRAVO!”

-F. Tarki, M.D., M.R.O.

“I chose Avante Laser Training Institute because of the small, one on one training, experienced instructors and high safety standards. My instructors demonstrated ethics and superior client customer service. Providing patients with education and safety precautions regarding their treatment was a priority. As a student, I was provided with many models and had an instructor by my side for every procedure. I know that my success is as important to them as it is to me.”

-S. Paisley

“Avante offers an AWESOME program that includes a 5 star education and fantastic assistance, if needed. Thank you Avante for helping me make my dream of being a clinical aesthetician a reality. I absolutely love what I do, and cannot say how important Avante Laser Training Institute was in contributing to that fact!”

-A. Motzer